El juego - Bison Films
Bison Films, productora audiovisual de cine y publicidad. Equipo de profesionales con amplia experiencia en cine y publicidad. Expertos en producción, guión, dirección, casting... Sede está en Madrid y Los Ángeles.
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El juego

Short film


Synopsis: A young girl is waiting for her mother when out of the blue a mysterious woman appears at her side and suggests playing a game: “you have to follow the lines on the ground without stepping outside of them,” she says. The girl curiously accepts and what at first seems simple, becomes a great challenge.

Featuring: Kiti Mánver, Claudia Mayol

Written, Directed and Produced: Andrea Casaseca
DoP: Nerea Osuna
AD: Beatriz Requena
Art Direction: Nacho Nava